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Our journey begins in childhood….

Fondly remembering our formative years where our families would sit around a table or cross legged on the floor. Mum would be studiously thumbing through the rulebook while playing referee with the kids over who got to be the dog. Nan, on her second glass, would be cracking out the loaded dice and Dad was already stealing from the bank- And this was all before the game started.

Welcome to the hive!

We at Underhive Games want to return to that seemingly ancient ideal of playing games face to face with family and friends. It’s easy to find yourselves sat in silence in front of a TV screen with friends, or furiously slamming your thumbs into a phone screen, and although we do love a good film, it definitely removes the ‘social’ from social interaction.

So, without further ado, we cordially invite you to pull up a chair, grab a drink (soft or hard-we won’t judge) and roll initiative!

Much Love,

The Beese Family