44 High St, Newport Arcade, Newport. NP20 1GD

Children and Family Games

We have a fantastic array of games that range from 2 to 99 years (It’s what it says on the box, if you are older than that and want to play far be it from me to deny you)

Every item in store is carefully picked with an eye for great design and clever game mechanics.

Our young children’s games encourage memory, colour recognition and balancing skills and are great fun for the adults too!

For school age and up we have games that teach co-operative and competitive play as well as a wide array of educational skills.

For the older families our collection includes, but is certainly not limited to: mystery, strategy, problem solving, humour and party games – Just like the Crystal Maze! (Well, sort of.)

If you would like to sample any of these games we have a selection to play in store for £5 per adult and £3 per child or £12 for a family of four!

Contact us to book a game or if you would like more details.

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