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What we do

We have had a lot of people coming in this week asking us what it is that we do –

Well this is a rather broad question for us as we do a LOT! So we will break it down right here, right now:

  • We strive to build a community of tabletop gamers.
  • We help those with social anxiety and learning difficulties find new hobbies and make friends.
  • We have a quiet morning on Sundays with low lighting and a relaxed atmosphere for those on the spectrum.
  • We sell a selection of tabletop games for ages 2 and up and let you play some in store for a small fee.
  • We put on events for the over 50’s so they can meet like minded people and have fun
  • We provide painting and modelling masterclasses to help people improve their creative skills.
  • We put on weekly Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.
  • We provide events for home education groups.
  • We have an in store league for Trading Card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic the Gathering
  • We provide lavishly detailed scenery tables for you to play your wargames on for a small fee.
  • We provide space for you to bring in your own games to play for free (As long as there’s space!)
  • We also provide a miniature and scenery painting service for avid gamers that just want to play.

There’s probably a lot more that we can’t think of right now so we will update this list as we go – Please check out our Facebook for more events in the near future and don’t hesitate to pop in store to say hello 😀


Much Love and Deep Joy,


The Underhive Team

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