44 High St, Newport Arcade, Newport. NP20 1GD
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A few links to some of our main products in store! Happy shopping!

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Our shelves are treasure troves of tabletop entertainment for all ages. From the beautiful and dreamy, the educational and funny to the just plain weird we have games for everyone!

Board Games

We stock a wide array of board games for all ages, and with plenty to choose from in store it wont fail to bring the whole colony together.


Our miniatures, paints and scenery ranges includes everything you need for your fantasy/sci-fi needs - Infinity, Mantic, TT Combat and even Discworld minis!

Trading Cards

Do you like collecting cards, building all powerful decks and pitting your smarts against your friends? Our selection of Pokemon, Magic the Gathering,Yu-Gi-Oh and much more can get you collecting and trading today!


Imagination is a powerful thing and with the right tools entire worlds filled with adventure can be at your fingertips. From Dungeons and Dragons to Vampire the Masquerade we have a little something for everybody.


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